Admission to Sussex House

This website can only give you a small taste of what we do at Sussex House. Our new Virtual Tour will provide some further insight, and for those wishing to visit the school and to meet the Headmaster, we will be giving brief tours on Saturday, 7th November 2020. Parents wishing to take a tour should contact the School Office to make a booking.

All admission enquiries should be addressed to the Director of Admissions. Boys are accepted from the age of eight and only later if there is a place available. They may be registered at any age, but the closing date for registration is the end of October prior to September entry. There is a registration fee of £200.

You can download a copy of our Registration Form here REGISTRATION FORM.  The completed form, plus proof of registration payment should be emailed to

Entrance exams are held at the school in January every year. The 2021 examinations will be on Monday, 4th January.  The boys spend a half day at the school, where they have an interview and take a written exam, which shows us their potential. The examination includes English, Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning. A confidential report from the boy’s present school is requested and taken into consideration.

A good standard of English is required in the Entry Test to Sussex House. There is no specific provision for the teaching of English as a second language – however, individual tuition is provided where necessary.

There are 36 places available at 8+.

Letter to Parents of Prospective Pupils

Dear Parents,

At this time of year, normally you would be invited to Sussex House for a tour of the school led by senior boys and including a series of small shows and demonstrations. As this is not possible due to the pandemic, a short film entitled The World of Sussex House will be available after Half-term. We feel, however, that a film is not enough and inevitably falls short of conveying the reality of the place and we are therefore offering you the opportunity to make a brief visit to Sussex House to meet the Headmaster and to undertake a short tour. For safety reasons it is not be possible for you to see the school in action and only key members of staff will be present – and suitable social distancing will be in place. These tours will be by appointment and will take place on Saturday, 7th November. Please telephone the School Office if you wish to take advantage of this opportunity and we will look forward to welcoming you in person.

With all good wishes,


Nicholas Kaye