Sports at Sussex House

It may be imagined that a school situated in Cadogan Square is limited in its sporting opportunities. However, ten years ago, a vibrant new sports programme was initiated which involves 14 specialist coaches teaching sport. Full use is made of the pitches at Battersea Park, including the all-weather pitch which saves us from having to cancel games in poor weather. The principal sports are Football in the Michaelmas and Lent terms and Cricket in the Summer and Fencing throughout the year. There is a full fixture list for teams in all age groups, involving, in a typical term, over 90 matches against other schools. Optional Football sessions occur after school on Mondays (attended by nearly half of the school) and on Saturday mornings.

Due to the increasing popularity of Cricket at Sussex House, we now host an annual Prep Schools Indoor Cricket Tournament at Lords and there is also an annual cricket tour to Norfolk.

Sussex House is renowned for its Fencing achievements and the school has produced more national champions than any other school in Britain over the past 25 years. Fencing is open to all age groups. Numerous old boys have gone on to represent Great Britain at the highest international levels. Sussex House Fencing Club operates to accommodate old boys and talented fencers from the local community.

Options are available for Tennis and Swimming. All boys undertake some Cross-country (in the Lent term) and Athletics (in the Summer term). Golf, played at Chiswick, is on offer after school on Fridays.