Aims and Ethos of Sussex House

At Sussex House we aim to create an inspirational environment in where there is a sense of striving for learning, creativity and sporting achievement and in which pupils can feel a strong sense of ‘belonging’ and personal involvement. The atmosphere is traditional yet highly imaginative and the splendid architectural setting enhances the sense of a family within a house. It is our duty to meet the needs of the boys, whatever those needs may be. We seek to discern ability and talent and provide opportunities for its unhindered development. The school has a Church of England affiliation and the central tenets of its Christian ethos provide a moral fibre. Our aim is to achieve outstanding Common Entrance and Scholarship entry to the country’s most demanding senior schools whilst never letting the striving for success lead to over-intensity or a set of value judgements only based on a boy’s academic profile. Boys should feel happy with themselves, happy with each other and happy with the staff. They often feel a reluctance to leave and maintain a strong attachment to the school after they leave. The school motto is, aptly, ‘Lead me to the rock that is Higher than I’. (Psalm 61)