Trustees, Governors and Staff


  • J. A. Crewe
  • Mrs. J. M. Elias M.A.
  • M. A. J. Goedhuis M.A., M.B.A.
  • N. P. Kaye M.A., F.R.S.A.
  • R. T. G. Winter C.B.E., B.A, F.C.A


  • J. A. Crewe (Chairman)
  • Mrs. J. M. Elias M.A.
  • J. D. Gallant B.A.
  • Mrs. N. M. Gayner
  • P. D. Hargreaves M.A.
  • R. T. G. Winter C.B.E., B.A, F.C.A


  • N. P. Kaye M.A. Magdalene, Cambridge, Hon.F.C.O.T., F.R.S.A., F.R.G.S.

Deputy Headmasters

  • M. W. Back B.A., P.G.C.E. Sussex (Pastoral)
  • T. K. J. Chan L.L.B Sydney, Grad, Dip.Ed. Wesley Institute, Sydney (Academic)


  • J. E. P. Cumaraswamy B.Eng. Manchester, P.G.C.E, Roehampton (Director of Examinations)
  • R. W. Chee-A-Tow M.A., P.G.C.E. Gonville and Caius, Cambridge (Director of Studies)
  • Mrs. A. E. D. Abbott B.A. West of England (Head of Lower School)
  • D. I. Becker B.Sc., Dip Ed, New England, M.A., London South Bank (Head of Middle School)
  • P. D. Jordaan B.Ed. Pretoria, P.G.C.E. York M. Inst. P (Director of Events)
  • T. H. Neal B.A. Magdalen, Oxford
  • Miss J. G. Doherty B.A. Surrey, M.A. Open University, F.R.S.A.
  • G. A. Hulks B.A. Surrey, P.G.C.E. London
  • S. C. Mundy  B.A. Open University, M.F.A.C.A.
  • The Revd. Canon R. G. Rainford B.Ed. Lancaster, C.Th. St. Stephen’s House, Oxford
  • Mrs. S. S. Dayman-Larbaoui B.A. Oxford Brookes
  • F. Higgins M.A. Middlesex, P.G.C.E. Dundee, D.A. Duncan of Jordanstone
  • A. H. C. De Mel B.Sc. East Anglia
  • S. P. McIntyre B.A. Chichester, M.A. Liverpool, P.G.C.E. London
  • A. J. Kirk M.Mus Royal College of Music
  • E. J. S. Cooper Clarke B.A. Birmingham, M.A. University of the Arts
  • Mrs. A. Cristache B.Sc. King’s, London, B.A. Open University, P.G.C.E. St. Mary’s
  • Dr. R. J. Quinlan B.Sc., Ph.D. King’s, London, P.G.C.E. Roehampton
  • Dr. N. K. Rizopoulou M.Sc., Ph.D. Imperial, London
  • Miss D. L. Jackson B.A., M.A. Royal Holloway, London, P.G.C.E. Roehampton
  • Miss S. Lazell B.A. Nottingham, P.G.C.E. Leicester


  • Mrs. R. A. Herbert B.A. Kingston (Senior School Consultant)
  • Ms E. M. Loudon (Director of Admissions)
  • Sergeant Khim Sherchan (School Marshal)
  • Mrs. C. R. D. Farrugia B.Sc. Manchester, (School Secretary)
  • Mrs. B. M. Coleridge Cole (School Secretary)
  • Mrs. S. E. Garton (Housekeeper)

Visiting Staff

  • S. J. Poland B.A. Southampton, P.G.C.E. London (Classics)
  • A. Harwood-White A.R.C.M. Royal College of Music (Brass)
  • M. C. Warden B.A., A.B.S.M. Guildhall School of Music (Voice)
  • N. J. Webb G.T.C.L., Dip.R.A.M., A.R.A.M. Royal Academy of Music (Woodwind)
  • A. M. I. Kent B.Mus. Royal College of Music (Double Bass)
  • Mrs. K. B. Gawarzewska M.Mus, M.Perf. Guildhall School of Music (Piano)
  • Dr. A. R. A. Mavroudis M.Mus. L.R.A.M. Royal Academy of Music, Ph.D. Goldsmiths, London (Violin)
  • Miss E. Zucchini M.A. Basel (Guitar)
  • Miss S. M. Asquith L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M., L.R.S.M. Royal College of Music (Voice)
  • S. Millett Dip. R.C.M., A.R.C.M. Royal College of Music (‘cello)
  • Miss P. Sosnina B.A., M.Sc. Magdalene, Cambridge Dip. A.B.R.S.M. (Organ)
  • Miss M. A. Smyth M.Mus. Royal College of Music, B.Mus. Trinity, Dublin (Organ)
  • Miss T. L. Brown (Art/Exhibition Director)
  • Mrs. E. S. L. Galpin B.A. Reading, M.A. University of the Arts (Art/Exhibition Director)
  • Miss C. M. O. Blood B. Eng. Bristol (Art)
  • Mrs. C. Spinelli-Higgins (Art/Theatre)
  • E. Botha FdA Staffordshire (Art)
  • Mrs. M. C. Tsiligkeridis M.A. Institute of Education, London, A.M.B.D.A.
  • A. S. Dunsby (Carpentry)
  • Miss K. Fu (Mandarin Chinese)
  • B. G. Rattigan (Librarian)
  • A. S. D. Montgomery B.A. Durham (Magazine)
  • P. J. Morrish B.A. Portsmouth, P.G.C.E. London (Tennis/Games)
  • Miss K. Bailey (Games)
  • C. R. Sabater M.F.A.C.A., F.A.Dip. Psych. (Games)
  • Miss A. L. Mills (Head of Fencing)
  • L. V. Shah (Fencing)
  • P. Edwards (Games)
  • T. H. Hendrie (Fencing)
  • J. Puskas (Games/P.E.)
  • S. L. Scapin (Games)
  • M. R. Power (Games)
  • R. Messara BSc London South Bank (Games)
  • T. Adam (Games)
  • A. C. B. Sweeting (Games)
  • G. N. Nutting (Games)


  • The Revd. M. R. J. Neville B.A. Durham P.G.C.E. Cambridge (Chaplain)
  • Mrs. A. M. Bennett B.Sc. Southampton, A.C.A. (Bursar)
  • Dr. A. McIver M.B, Ch.B. Liverpool, M.R.C.G.P. (School Doctor)

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